Leadership Transformation

Authentic Leadership coaching can act as a catalyst to drive business performance, also for your organization.


We pride ourselves as operating at the nexus of what you could think of as best practice.


Concepts like transformational leadership, systems thinking, immunity to change and emotional intelligence are integrated into a strong practice with a focus on the authenticity of a leader.


Our leadership coaching focuses on the three interwoven pillars that create the next generation leaders to meet performance and business objectives

for companies of all sizes

  • Driving Change & Innovation 

    aligning vision, responsibility, accountability and credibility

  • Co-creation & Stakeholder awareness 

    through new and effective powerful rituals that prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success

  • Authentic Leadership 

    embracing your unique personality and experiences as the lever for your leadership growth


Leadership Programs for Women 

Individual and group retreats for Women Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Group facilitation

Executive Leadership Coaching


Leadership Team Coaching


Public Speaking



Join us in the most amazing, isolated, tranquil locations,. Our daily life is extremely mentally stimulating. Is it any wonder why we have difficulty in deciding what we want to do with our lives, what activities actually resonate with our deeper selves?


Surround yourself with like-minded people in an amazing tranquil location, where the accommodation is fully in harmony with the surroundings and the intent. Take the time to contemplate and cultivate. The environment will support the transformation, meditation and spiritual growth.


We bring you rituals to help quiet our inner chatter, through breathing, meditation, conscious movement or simply through present awareness.


Give yourself the gift of time away in quiet reflection, time away to concentrate on those things that you know are so important, time away to connect with your deeper self. It is profoundly powerful.

  • Authentic You Personal Planning Journey

    a unique one-on-one experience,  a great way to step back and reconnect with who you are, and what is most important, as you set a course for the next chapter of your life.

  • The Nirvana Formula

    the ultimate Body & Mind retreat that uses all possible channels and proven effective interventions to facilitate the state of flow with specific focus on breathing techniques and flow of movement. 

  • The Authentic Encounter

    a holistic retreat program for leaders that helps you to empower you as a person and reinforce you in your role as a leader. 


Women leaders

Executive coaching is essential for women because their journey to leadership is not direct; they encounter many obstacles and unexpected changes along the way.

Your career doesn’t always progress logically one step up at a time, and therefore, you must continuously recalculate and reassess your next move.


Our 4 transformational coaching programs for women leaders support you to participate and thrive in the world as it is today and encourage you to recognize your particular strengths and utilize these to change the rules of the game.

  • Parental Transition Coaching

    a program designed to help new parents to successfully manage this journey to parenthood in the context of their professional lives. The focus is to achieve smooth transitions for the individual, their line manager and their team.

  • Women in Leadership Coaching Program

    we coach aspiring women leaders whose ambition is to build and lead inclusive organisations. We help you to discover your voice and bring it to the table.

  • The Authentic Leadership Journey 

    a tailor-made one-on-one life or virtual coaching trail, focussing on authentic leadership

  • The Authentic Leadership Roadshow 

    an inspiring project for women role models supporting young women


Senior Leadership Teams

Too often, team coaching is limited to team building activities and kick-offs of projects. We offer a systemic team coaching approach, based on Peter Hawkins 5Cs.


Together we build transformational journeys that create high performing leadership teams aligned with the organizational mission, strategy and stakeholders.


Our leadership coaching journeys foster co-creation, networking,  trust, mutual respect, accountability, and support.


Understand the dynamics of team leadership and learn how to create team synergy that impact your bottom line with the 3 formats below

  • Systemic Team Coaching 

    a leadership journey based on Peter Hawkins' 5 disciplines of successful teams 

  • Authentic Leadership Conversations™ 

    a series of facilitated conversation on specific Leadership topics

  • Conversational Intelligence™ 

    creating a "leadershift", and bringing your team or organization to the next level of greatness with innovative and neuroscience based Conversational Intelligence® programs


oxygen4leadership membership

Discover several types of membership, join the transformation conversation, and keep the leadership learning going at your own pace in your particular community

  • Individual membership 


    It is paramount to take care of your own personal development. In a world where leaders continue to face challenges in the workplace, the oxygen4leadership community is the place to develop your career.


    With a wealth of resources, advice and inspiration available to address key challenges you face - no matter what level of business you are at - join today to start benefiting your career.

  • Corporate membership 

    Develop your talent pipeline with our Corporate Membership Packages


    Creating a Leadership Development Strategy that positively impacts your staff, your customer and your bottom line, requires time and energy.

    That’s where we come in. 


    Joining our Corporate Membership means you and your employees will benefit from:


    • Access to personal development when and where it’s needed, at a time and place to suit you and your team
    • Learning tools and content delivered through a variety of media, including webinars, workbooks, video and articles
    • Access to role models’ stories and thought leadership
    • Diagnostics providing insights in your team development



Our individual and team assessment and diagnostic tools allow insights, awareness and effective coaching interventions.


We are accredited for and work with the most advanced and relevant tools, diagnostics, and assessments to lever every individual and team coaching journey

  • Team Assessments 

    Lencioni Team Scan, Belbin Team Roles, PDA for Teams, ...

  • Individual Assessments 

    Global Leader of the Future 360 (Marshall Goldsmith), PDA, PPA, TEIQue (EI), Thomas Leadership 360, ...

  • Facilitation tools 

    Lego Serious Play, ChangeSetter, 6Styles Leadership, World Café, Open Space, ...


Press &

Speaker Center

We offer a variety of online and offline resources for individuals, teams, organizations, events, conferences and other professional settings

  • Keynotes

    a compelling and thoughtful narrative on Authentic Leadership and Women in Leadership

  • Panel moderation

    your audience's advocate for truth, insight, and brevity

  • Group facilitation 

    engaging groups on specific topics via world cafés, open spaces, interactive meetings, Lego Serious Play©, Mentimeter© and many more

  • Video Channel & Podcast Channel

     a compilation of interviews and presentations full of leadership inspiration and tips

  • Blogs & Vlogs 

    thought leadership, inspiring views, and news on leadership topics that are relevant for your growth

  • e-Books & books 

    a library of thought leadership collected for you, check our Membership Area


Bespoke teams

We connect with certified and highly experienced independent practitioners and business partners all over the world. All are working at the leading edge of coaching and leadership development. Our bespoke approach involves bringing together the most appropriate and qualified team from this network to build lean and agile project teams for development and delivery of individual and team coaching journeys.


Focused teams bring expertise and real value to the journeys that we create tailor-made based on your particular challenges and aspirations.

Working as an agile network of associates keeps our overheads down and we pass that value back to you. 


Meet some of our business partners below:


You are in good company

We deliver for corporates all over the globe. Recently we worked with Senior Executives and Senior Leadership Teams 

in Spain, Kuala-Lumpur, Hong Kong, Croatia, Dubai, Holland, France, UK, Germany and Belgium. 


Meet some of our clients below:

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